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Cornell University — a space where everybody can belong.

Explore Cornell University as you've never seen it before.

Cornell University: Glorious To View celebrates what makes Cornell University so special — its campus beauty, breadth and depth of academics, spirit of inclusiveness, and commitment to serving the public good.

Glorious To View features soaring views of the campus along with interviews with students, faculty, and alumni. From the gorges and waterfalls in Ithaca to Weill Cornell Medical College and Cornell Tech in New York City, then across the globe to Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar, and back again to Ithaca, Glorious to View shows you Cornell as you have never seen it before.


If you don't have time to watch the full 18-minute video, you can view Cornell's abbreviated version below.

Have only 3 minutes to spare? Watch the shorter version! 


MPA Career Trajectories

What are the career opportunities available to MPA graduates who are armed with the skills and tools needed to address today's most pressing policy issues? Our research report on career trajectories is a must-read for professionals thinking about getting an MPA at Cornell University.

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