The Cornell MPA Webinar Library

On-Demand Webinars

Our recorded webinars explore topics related to admissions, coursework, experiential learning, life in Ithaca, professional development, and more. We hope these discussions are helpful as you consider getting an MPA at Cornell University.

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General Admissions Webinars 

MPA Program Director Matt Hall, leads the 2023 sessions, presenting an overview of the importance and the value of obtaining an MPA degree to take on some of the most complex policy challenges facing our world.

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2023 Fall Open House

Access the recorded MPA Open House to explore the MPA curriculum, hear from current students and alumni about their experience, learn about professional development opportunities, get details on the MPA application process and learn so much more! 

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Continuing a Career in Public Service: Cornell's Military and Veterans WebinarWatch Now

Executive Director, Thomas O'Toole, walks you through the MPA's flexible curriculum, hands-on learning opportunities, and career management services while exploring Cornell's proud military tradition, the GI Bill and Yellow ribbon benefits.

Professional Development Spring 2021 Webinar

4 Next Steps for MPA Admitted Students to Jump Start Their Professional Development

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Assistant Director of the Office of Career Management, Millie Reed, provides relevant next steps for recently admitted students who are considering enrolling in Cornell's MPA program.

Faculty Lead Policy Discussions

Join discussions hosted by Cornell MPA faculty and guest panelists that explore the various challenges we face in the midst and aftermath of COVID-19. 


Our esteemed faculty and guest panelists discuss topics related to global environmental and health concerns, responses to crises at various levels of the government, challenges to mental health support, the balance of power between federal and state government, and more! We hope you find these conversations with leaders in public affairs engaging and informative.

Four Problems of the Apocalypse for the United Nations

John Mathiason, Adjunct Professor at CIPA and the Managing Director of Associates for International Management Services (AIMS), discusses why and how the United Nations needs to lead in the COVID-19 solution and what can possibly go wrong.

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County Legislation Responses to COVID-19

Elizabeth Day, Engaged Learning Associate at CIPA, and Adam Levine, Associate Professor at the Department of Government, discuss their work with county legislators in New York and their response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Work, Workers, and Public Policy During a Pandemic

Former Acting U.S. Secretary of Labor Seth Harris will discuss the pandemic-related public policy issues affecting workers, labor markets, and workplaces and the U.S. government's response to those issues. Secretary Harris led the U.S. Department of Labor's response to the last economic crisis — the Great Recession — and the implementation of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act.

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Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Global Pandemics

Digital technologies are becoming increasingly important during global pandemics and epidemics, including today’s COVID-19. We will discuss the role machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence technologies have to play in mitigating, managing, and curing global pandemics. We will also emphasize the institutional changes required in how collaborative scientific discovery is conducted.

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The Role of Broadband in Coping with a Pandemic

As lockdowns occur around the world the importance of people being able to utilize the Internet for education, health, commercial and social purposes has become critical. The pandemic has exposed, however, the deficiencies and vulnerabilities in our broadband infrastructure. John Windhausen, Executive Director, and Alicja Johnson, Communications Manager, of the Schools, Health & Libraries Broadband Coalition join us to talk about the dimensions and implications of the problem and discuss some policy prescriptions. 

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Mitigation Strategies and Adaptation to Disasters: Focus on SARS-COVID-19

What happens when a Continuity of Operation Plan doesn't anticipate specific elements? Elizabeth A. Dunn, Instructor at the University of South Florida College of Public Health, and Rebecca Morgenstern Brenner, Lecturer and Teaching Faculty at CIPA, review what we learned from COVID-19 and how to apply those lessons to future policy decision-making. 

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Exploring the Effect of COVID-19 on Youth Mental Health Policy, Service Providers and Messaging 

Mental health non-profit organizations are facing a catch-22 during the COVID-19 era. Services are in high demand, but the challenge of scarce resources remains unchanged. Janis Whitlock, Sr. Lecturer at CIPA, and Victor Benito, CIPA Fellow (21'), are joined by Courtney Knowles, co-founder of Love is Louder, and John McPhee, executive director and CEO of The Jed Foundation.

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Pandemic Politics, Free-For-All Federalism and Realigned Intergovernmental Relations

COVID-19 has raised concerns regarding the balance of power between the federal and state governments in the U.S. Thomas O'Tool, Executive Director at CIPA, and Dan Lamb, Lecturer at CIPA, dive into how American federalism might or should change in a post-Coronavirus world.


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